Since she could remember, Susanne Sorogon was automatically drawn to anything with bright colors. She loved drawing, painting, ceramics, painting pottery, making collages, scrapbooks, and jewelry. Basically engaging in any creative endeavor. Sorogon has always received a natural satisfaction from creating things and often found herself making art for her friends instead of buying them birthday presents. At the young age of  14, Sorogon remembers being at a restaurant that had an extravagantly decorated mosaic counter top that ran a long distance around the bar. She was instantly fascinated by the vivid colors and the sharpness of shapes and textures that effortlessly produced a whimsical illusion of movement, spanning the full length of the bar.  Her child-like curiosity told her she knew she had to learn how to make masterpieces like the one she had seen. So without any classes or instruction, she told her father she wanted to mosaic her  bathroom counter top and he agreed. The rest is history.

After much trial and error, this crafty experiment evolved into an entertaining and lucrative hobby. Now, more than 10 years later Sorogon has had the opportunity to channel her creativity into making mosaics on various surfaces such as kitchen backsplashes, furniture, mirrors, frames, and various assorted fine art home decor pieces.

Sorogon utilizes many materials to create her mixed media mosaics. The spectrum ranges from smalti and different types of glass, to precious stones, to vintage treasures and buttons, to broken mirrors and shells and everything in between. For Sorogon, the most special supplies come from recycled materials, sentimental objects, or simply finding treasures in others peoples’ trash.

Although Sorogon receives much inspiration from abstract art, colors and patterns in natural landscapes, and enticing photography, her greatest motivational muse is her father, a very talented architect. The process of building a mosaic is time consuming but it is one she has learned to love. “It feels like being on both sides of a puzzle- designing and deciphering simultaneously. It is quite therapeutic and I acknowledge and appreciate the precision and detail that goes into breaking and fitting each piece,” states Sorogon.   Something that continues to inspire her is the curiosity of learning and discovering  and the satisfying pleasure she receives when she has found an aesthetic solution for the final project. “It is a very rewarding feeling,” All in all, I feel connected to the mosaic concept because it strikes me that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts,” she says. With time, Sorogon plans on pursuing her passion for mosaics by expanding her style, approach, and technique.

Susanne Sorogon graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors Degree in Advertising and she currently lives and works  in Miami Beach, FL.


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